About Us

Welcome to Utility Bucket Trucks

Utility Bucket Trucks is the leading company on quality restored utility equipment that are job-ready. Through the Utility Bucket Truck sales process, as our customer you will be able to see every portion of your truck and it’s condition. Customer satisfaction is important to build trust and meet your needs, whether you be a one-time customer or a repeat customer. Our inventory is extensive and covers many bases through the utility, contracting, and forestry industries from bucket trucks, sign trucks, digger derricks, forestry trucks, grapple trucks, as well as specialty equipment.

What separates Utility Bucket Trucks from the competition? We will tackle any task you set to us whether it be a custom truck or an added feature to a truck you’ve had your eye on. Don’t see a truck on our lot that you are after? Tell us what you are looking for, and we will seek it out for you. At Utility Bucket Trucks we have the resources and connections to find trucks that others would not be able to, as well as the equipment to restore one to a job-ready truck.

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