Utility Bucket Trucks Customization

On top of our top quality restoration service, we also customize trucks to fit a customer’s specific needs. We offer extended warranties to further help our customers know that we are here to give them a truck that will last. Here at Utility Bucket Trucks we also give customers what they want, not just what they need. Through customization we offer custom paint, chrome, lighting, plating, hub-caps, batteries, we are even willing to add special features to a truck!

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    Elliott trucks are always popular and if a customer finds a truck that fits their needs and is an Elliott, a desire to customize is not far off. With th...


    This Sterling truck underwent a great transformation to become the truck that the customer was looking for. This truck received a custom black paint to ...


    This truck was one of the most intensive custom designs that we have done. From it's unique look, all the way to the mechanics that were requested as we...

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