Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the digital age, privacy and information are always worries when giving out information to a third party. Here, we are dedicated to not only keeping your information secure, but private as well. Through a form that is to be filled out when interacting with us, it serves as a legal notification that only allows us to use your information with assisting you through the sales process. Before agreeing to our privacy agreement, it is crucial to read this notification and statement so you understand what it entails before you accept.

How do we get your information?

There are a variety of different sources where your information may have came from, that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Information given to us on finance applications or other such forms that could include your name, address, employment history, telephone numbers, drivers license number, income, social security number, or email address.
  • References that were given to us on an application from that may include employment history, checking and savings account balances, payment histories, credit score, or relationships.
  • Information may be gathered from past purchases or interactions with Utility Bucket Trucks or any affiliated partners.
  • Information gathered from your credit report to verify information. This data collected may be kept and shared with others who are authorized to generate reports. This information is regulated by federal and state fair credit reporting laws.
  • Insurance brokers may also provide information to us to confirm applicable coverage.

What do we do with your information?

Here at Utility Bucket Trucks, we do not sell or rent your information to any third party company. Our business needs your information to run and will only be shared with partners that are deemed necessary to the process. By law, we are required to keep your information private and restricted to the process we are here to provide you with and our partners. Through the process, we may also share your information with financial institutions who are in contract to help provide services. Your information will not be disclosed by us unless allowed by the law or written into the contract. Through this agreement you may either agree to allow us to share your information to partners and third party services who may have products or services of value to you or you may restrict our sharing of your information; however, this action may limit the offers you receive for other products and services that may be of value to you.

How we protect your information

Any information provided to Utility Bucket Trucks is maintained through administrative and physical safeguards that are designed to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. Those who have access to your personal information are limited to those who are necessary for us to do business properly. Any third party businesses, partners, or affiliates are also expected to maintain your personal information under safeguard. If there is a breach in security and your personal information has been compromised, we will notify you at once. All laws of the state within we operate are followed as well as federal laws.

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